‘Single’s Inferno”s Song Ji-a insists the series wasn’t scripted at all

Written by on 13/01/2022

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Single’s Inferno contestant Song Ji-a has revealed that nothing on the popular Netflix reality series was scripted.

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Song, who is also a popular lifestyle YouTuber in South Korearecently spoke about her experience on Single’s Inferno during a newly released Q&A video. The YouTube clip was dropped in commemoration of her reaching one million subscribers following the show’s release.

Notably, one viewer had submitted a question asking: “Was Single’s Inferno scripted, or did they let you do or say whatever you wanted?”

In response, Song shared that she had kept herself updated with the reactions and comments the show has received from fans and viewers, adding she realised “many seemed to believe that everything was scripted”.

However, the YouTuber later clarified that this was not the case. “I have to tell you that it really wasn’t,” she said, adding that “it doesn’t make sense” for everything to have been planned. “How can we follow a script when we’re not even actors? And all the participants acted the way they wanted.”

However, Song also acknowledged that she understands why some would assume that the events on Single’s Inferno weren’t completely organic. “Maybe everything seemed so much like a soap opera, maybe that’s why everybody was saying it’s scripted,” she said. “Let me tell you again – it wasn’t!”

Single’s Inferno stars 12 single men and women as they get to know one another with the goal of finding love on a deserted island. Couples who successfully pair up are later sent to ‘Paradise’ for a night where they can enjoy a luxury hotel stay and ask questions regarding their age, occupations and more.

Since its premiere on the streaming service in December, Single’s Inferno has since emerged as one of the most-watched show on Netflix globally, marking the first time a Korean reality series has entered the platform’s global Top 10 chart.

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