Park So-dam was “afraid” to drive in ‘Special Delivery’ due to a prior car accident

Written by on 12/01/2022

park so dam special delivery film afraid driving car accident

South Korean actress Park So-dam has revealed that she felt apprehensive about driving for her role in the new crime action film Special Delivery. 

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In Special Delivery, Park stars as Eun-ha, a delivery driver who will send anything to anyone for the right price with a 100 per cent success rate. However, a series of unexpected events occur when she picks up a child and ends up being pursued by the police.

In a new interview with Moonhwa Ilbo, Park shared her initial apprehension about driving for the role. “I’ve gotten into a car accident, so before Special Delivery, there were a lot of times I was afraid to just ride the car,” she revealed, , as translated by Soompi. However, she added that she eventually braved through her doubts for the sake of the movie.

“I had no choice but to keep riding a car while working, so I always went around with a curtain covering the front,” Park added. She then explained that she eventually managed to ease into the character as production progressed, though assured that she “drove while receiving protection from many people”.

Howeverm, as a result of the guidance she received on set, the actress has since managed to overcome her “past fears”, which even resulted in her feeling more confident about driving in her own personal day-to-day routine.

Special Delivery, which comes out today, was written and directed by Park Dae-min, who is known for his work on the 2016 period comedy film Seondal: The Man Who Sells The River. Park Dae-min is also joined by producer Joo Seung-hwan. Watch the trailer here.

Early last month, Park So-dam’s agency Artist Company announced in a statement to E-Daily that the actress had been diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer during a regular health check-up.

The company did not reveal when the diagnosis took place, but noted that Park has since undergone surgery to treat the condition under the recommendation of her doctor.

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