Melodity To Build Music Industry Marketplace At Web3 Ecosystem

Written by on 07/01/2022

Melodity is taking the music industry one huge step further towards the decentralized creator economy.

In its grand attempt to support musicians, it is already gathered resources to begin building monetisation infrastructure in Web 3.0, in completely new ways.

To do so, Melodity is building a premier ecosystem. If we can simply explain this, means they are creating a new decentralised world — the very first-of-its-kind in an area where it would also make sense economically in the future. Our team is still debating whether this can actually last. But if you’re still wondering what Metaverse the word actually still means, then you’ve got much reading to do.

And what that will consist as they’d call it: is a listen-to-earn (P2E), listen-to-earn (L2E), and Metaverse based on a proprietary blockchain.

Merging three integrated platforms with relatively relevant names: DoMeta, DoDuet, and DoMart. Giving opportunities specifically directed at music artists, professionals, fans, and music lovers.


So, what kind of new world are we talking about here? Here’s what we got for you.

DoMeta, a completely music-oriented metaverse, is a community where users play, learn, create and interact with each other. Or even participating in live events. Drawing interest inclusively within the interest of music, DeFi, blockchain, and NFTs.

In another parallel community would be DoDuet. A place Melodity calls a user-friendly territory that ‘gamifies Music and provides visibility and easy-access prizes for artists’. A place that rewards its users in the contest from listening to tracks and voting. And while all this may sound pompous and like Steven Spielberg’s movie Ready Player One, it may just be the vision all artists needs.

DoMart, lastly, is the NFTs marketplace. As its name suggests, it will provide services from song distribution to selling, buying, licensing, and managing composite music NFTs.

Allowing income for an artist to be professionally maximised, it is a futuristic ecosystem dedicated to endless creativity. Therefore, this represents a new home in an era where they can earn up to 90 percent from their creative efforts.

“With an ambitious purpose, Melodity is a protocol designed with the idea at heart to give freedom and new means to all music artists so that they can unlock the full potential of their music,” said CEO Rolen Guzman.

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is currently hosting Melodity’s token, ($MELD) — the store of value for the environment, is also in its early stages of launches.

Melodity is building the financial ecosystem which will exist in the DoMeta, DoDuet, and DoMart world. A decentralised platform in Blockchain.

About Melodity

Melodity project was founded by ex amateur musicians, who’d witnessed first-hand how some of their friends struggle to generate income on their art. And wants to play a part in relieving the financial challenges of independent music artists.

For more information, visit Melodity official website, here.

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