Watch STAYC’s show-stopping cover of Girls’ Generation-TTS’ ‘Twinkle’

Written by on 03/01/2022

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Members of girl group STAYC have performed a cover of Girls’ Generation-TTS’ ‘Twinkle’ at the recent MBC Gayo Daejejeon Festival.

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On December 31, Seeun, Yoon and J of STAYC took to the stage at the annual end-of-year with a stunning performance of ‘Twinkle’. The original version of the song was released in 2012 by Girls’ Generation subunit Girls’ Generation-TTS, which comprised members Taeyeon, Tiffany Young and Seohyun.

The STAYC trio remained true to the original song and concept, donning glittery gold outfits as they sang to the K-pop classic. “Even if I hide it, I twinkle, what do I do? /  It catches the eye instantly / Even if I’m covered with a veil / I obviously twinkle,” they sing on the chorus, even dancing along to the original ‘Twinkle’ choreography.

On the same night, STAYC joined Celeb Five, a girl group comprising female South Korean comedians, to sing the track ‘Whatta Life’. The song was originally released earlier this year as a collaboration between Double V, Celeb Five, Rooftop Moonlight, YOZOH, SWJA, CHEEZE, Park Moonchi.

The six-member act had also returned on stage to perform their viral hits ‘ASAP’ and ‘Stereotype’. The three performances had marked STAYC’s debut at the annual music festival.

In a recent interview, STAYC shared that they were initially confused by their catchphrase, “STAYC girls, it’s going down”, which they usually say at the beginning of each of their songs.

“When we heard [the catchphrase], we were all confused. Isn’t going down a bad thing? We want to go up in our career,” confessed Sumin, the group’s leader. “But now we know it means that we’re going to start something amazing, so we feel confident now when we say the phrase.”

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