Here’s the ‘Wordle’ answer for today

Written by on 01/03/2022


Struggling with today’s Wordle puzzle? Not a problem – to keep your streak intact, we’ve got you covered.

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The Wordle answer for today (puzzle 254 on March 1) is Rupee.

The Wordle answer for yesterday (puzzle 253 on February 28) was Choke.

That follows Chant as the solution for February 27). Prior to that (February 26), it was Spill.

If you’d like some tips at being better at Wordle, lots of it can come down to the word you choose to open with. Your first guess won’t be a winner every time, but opening with a guess that includes several vowels can improve your chances of narrowing down the correct answer early.

From there, see if you can identify any common language traits that may be present. For example, letters that are often paired together include ‘TH’, ‘ER’, ‘ON’, and ‘AN’.

Wordle. Credit: Alexi Rosenfield / Getty Images.

For anyone who’s not sure which word to start off with, have no fear. According to a fan that crunched through over 12,000 words, the statistically best word to try first is Crane – so there’s a good starting point for you.

Wordle may have become hugely popular since it launched, but it may not be for everyone. In fact, one behavioural and data scientist has explained why some people just hate Wordle.

That doesn’t have to be you, though: If Wordle isn’t your forte but you still enjoy putting in the guesswork, you can always try your hand at one of many similar games that have popped up in recent months.

That includes Taylordle, which has players puzzle over Taylor Swift, lyrics, as well as Worldle – which tests your geography instead of your literary skills.

Battle royale version of ‘Wordle’ – ‘Squabble’. CREDIT: Ottomated

Beyond that, Wordle has also been transformed into a dungeon-crawler and a battle royale – so there’s plenty to try out at the moment.

If none of those sound like your cup of tea and you’re still hooked on Wordle, don’t worry about getting too stuck. Whenever you need a hand, this article will have each day’s answer right here waiting for you.

Wordle is available for free on PC and mobile. 

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