Ayra Starr Drops Heartfelt Love Song “Rhythm & Blues”

Written by on 13/09/2023

West Africa’s reigning global music sensation, Ayra Starr, has unveiled her latest track, “Rhythm & Blues,” along with an accompanying video, today.

The soulful Afrobeats song signifies a new era for the highly anticipated singer-songwriter, poised to unveil an exciting body of work following the extraordinary success of her hit singles, “Bloody Samaritan,” “Rush,” and “Sability.”

“Rhythm & Blues” sets the mood, resonating with Ayra Starr’s trademark warm vocal tones, accompanied by a gentle rhythmic beat that crafts a good late-summer soundtrack. This evocative love ballad is co-written by Ayra Starr and Novemba and produced by Sparrq.

Fresh from her inaugural appearance at the MTV VMAs, this Afrobeats gem marks a new chapter for the gifted artist, who is eager to unleash her new creative endeavors in the wake of the immense acclaim garnered by “Rush” and “Sability.”

Ayra Starr commented, “I’ve always seen myself as a tough, unyielding woman, averse to vulnerability. Love songs seemed cheesy, and I never contemplated creating one. However, I’ve now struck a balance. I’ve opened up and am allowing myself to both receive and express love through music. It’s safe to say I’ve dropped my guard with “Rhythm & Blues.” By infusing my unique Ayra Starr style into Afrobeats with melodies, riffs, runs, and overall delivery, “Rhythm & Blues” was a natural creation while collaborating with Sparrq and Novemba. It proves that I can be vulnerable while remaining a strong woman embracing my emotions.”

Since her debut in 2021, Ayra Starr has rapidly emerged as one of the most undeniable voices of her generation. Celebrated for her anthemic Afrobeats compositions and fearless style, the Beninese-Nigerian artist has earned critical acclaim from influential outlets such as Variety, Fault Magazine, and Teen Vogue, the latter of which featured her on their cover. Additionally, she has garnered an enormous international fanbase with over 1 billion global streams.

Ayra Starr – Rhythm & Blues (Lyric Video)


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