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Genesis Of X – Diversity In the intricate tapestry of music, certain tracks stand out for their ability to transcend boundaries and celebrate the diverse threads that make up the fabric of our world. “Diversity” by Genesis Of X is one such creation – a melodic journey that invites listeners to embrace the richness of […]
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The Dallas Police Department is investigating a complaint made by a Dallas man about being denied restroom-use in June by two off-duty officers working security at a Deep Ellum pizza joint. After the man urinated himself after calling 911 for assistance to intervene, two on-duty officers wearing their body cameras later arrived at the restaurant. They made light of the situation with the two off-duty cops, their body camera footage shows. That video was played before the Community Police Oversight Board on Aug. 8. It was preceded by comments by the man who needed to use the restroom but was ultimately denied — Dynell Lane. Lane told oversight board members that he was formerly an Army sergeant who had served in Afghanistan, Kuwait and Iraq before sustaining a life-threatening injury to his lower extremities. Lane said he had to be removed from combat via medevac during his testimony to the board. He added that he underwent surgeries regarding his lower extremities that changed his life drastically, leaving him with a disability that requires potential emergency use of a restroom. Per Lane’s complaint, he tried to use the restroom around 2 a.m. at Serious Pizza in Deep Ellum but was prohibited by two off-duty officers. Under Ally’s Law in Texas, people with certain medical conditions can be allowed access to restrooms that aren’t public if they can show they have a medical disability. Lane said the officers still wouldn’t let him use the bathroom and that he left, but not before calling 911 for help and urinating himself.
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At the forefront of Jiggy Boyz FC, Kida Kudz continues to make his mark on the music scene with his latest creation, the captivating single titled “National Anthem.” Crafted under the expert guidance of renowned beatsmith TMXO, “National Anthem” seamlessly blends Kida Kudz’s unique style with TMXO’s production finesse. The synergy between the artist and …

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