Erik Matti to reunite with Gerald Anderson and Anne Curtis for two new projects

Written by on 08/02/2023

Erik Matti and Anne Curtis, and Gerald Anderson in 'On The Job'.

Filipino director Erik Matti is set to reunite with collaborators Gerald Anderson and Anne Curtis on two new projects.

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In a now-deleted Instagram Story posted on February 8, the veteran director shared a photo of a screenplay by Michiko Yamamoto that confirmed his project with Anderson, with the actor also teasing the collaboration with his own picture of the screenplay. The screenplay shows the working title for a series currently titled BuyBust: The Undesirables, with the first episode labelled “Damsel in Distress.”

BuyBust: The Undesirables
Credit: Gerald Anderson Official Instagram

Matti released the action feature film BuyBust in 2018, though he has not indicated if the Anderson-starring series will be a prequel to the film. BuyBust also starred Anne Curtis, whom Matti recently announced he will be reuniting with for another big screen project.

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It is currently unknown if the film will be related to the BuyBust movie or series in anyway.

Matti and Anderson previously worked together on the director’s neo-noir thriller On The Job in 2013. Anderson did not return for the 2021 sequel On The Job: The Missing 8 as his character Daniel was killed in the first film, though the two films were eventually reedited into a six-part miniseries for HBO Asia Originals.

In other Asian film news, Indonesian superhero film Virgo and The Sparklings has been licensed for a Korean adaptation by South Korean production house HB Entertainment. Joko Anwar, the executive producer for the Bumilangit Cinematic Universe, revealed the licensing in a Instagram update yesterday (February 8), though he indicated that it was not confirmed that production on an adaptation will take place.

Virgo and The Sparklings is set to premiere in cinemas in Indonesia this March 2. The film will see protagonist Riani (Adhisty Zara) and her friends attempting to kickstart a musical career, only for a series of magical attacks to lead Riani to reveal her pyrokinetic powers to her friends.

The group don costumes, becoming the superhero group Virgo and The Sparklings.

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