Watch Luqman Podolski’s music video for funky new single ‘Bahaya’

Written by on 25/11/2022

Luqman Podolski Bahaya music video

Malaysian rapper Luqman Podolski has dropped a funky new single titled ‘Bahaya’ (‘Danger’).

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The dancey new track was shared on major streaming platforms via local imprint Black Hat Cat on Friday (November 25) and marks his second single for 2022.

Similar to his previous single ‘Ring Ring’, Podolski delivers R&B vocals on ‘Bahaya’ – but the new track is supported by twangy guitar lines and groovy drumbeats.

Watch the music video for ‘Bahaya’ below, where Podolski plays the hammy frontman of the band The Dol’s, as well as a mad scientist and his freaky creation, among other characters:

Despite its ebullient mood, ‘Bahaya’ – which Podolski wrote and composed himself – touches on being in a precarious situation: an attempt to comfort and console a lover who has not revealed their feelings.

He sings in its opening lines: “Hey? kenapa kamu diam saja / Kalau ada silap tolonglah kata / Adakah kamu sedang berduka? / minda kamu aku tak boleh baca” – “Hey? Why are you so quiet / If I have done wrong please say so / Are you upset / I can’t read your mind“.

In the chorus, Podolski continues: “Bila aku dah tanya / Katanya tiada apa / Itulah petandanya, aku dalam bahaya.” – When I ask / Nothing is said / That’s a sign that I am in danger.”

In May, Podolski released a video of himself performing an acoustic rendition of ‘Ring Ring’ accompanied by a guitarist, three violinists, and a cellist. The original version of ‘Ring Ring’ arrived in January this year, and was a follow-up to his 2020 EP ‘Hitam Putih’. The comedian-turned-musician first rose to prominence as a Vine star in 2014, and released his first official track ‘Sorang’ back in 2019.

‘Bahaya’ also arrives a day before Podolski makes an appearance at the Malaysian music festival Pesta Kita, which also features the likes of A. Nayaka, FORCEPARKBOIS, Midnight Fusic, and more. The festival, which was supposed to be held between November 19 and 20, was postponed to November 26 and 27 due to the Malaysian general elections.

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