OG Bobby and VannDa throw a party in a country club style in ‘Bong’ music video

Written by on 21/10/2022

OG Bobby and VannDa in 'Bong'

Thai rapper OG Bobby has reunited with VannDa for his new track ‘Bong’ and its country club party music video.

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The rapper released the track and its accompanying music video on October 21, which sees OG Bobby and VannDa dispensing romantic advice such as “Lightning McQueen / You gotta keep flirting / If she doesn’t care about you then just hit the bong” and “Just sold a buffalo to ask your parents for your hand / Your mom told me I don’t need to worry / Not for long / You ran away with a wealthy man” as the rappers and their entourage party with a group of ladies playing golf at a country club.

Watch the music video for ‘Bong’ below.

OG Bobby and VannDa previously collaborated on the latter’s single ‘Young Man’, the focus track of his sophomore album ‘Skull 2 (Season 1)’. Released on July 1, ‘Skull 2 (Season 1)’ sees VannDa ruminating on his struggles in life having risen from humble roots selling coconut shavings in his hometown of Sihanoukville, and touches upon the pressures from his career, as well as notes on his friendships and heartbreaks.

Other singles from the album include January’s ‘Khmer Blood’, March’s ‘Bok Kalo’, May’s ‘Life is a Game’, June’s ‘How’s It Taste?’, and the recently released ‘C.O.D.A’. VannDa has also announced plans for another tour in support of ‘$KULL 2: Part Two’ when it releases in November, which will see him touring into 2023.

OG Bobby released his debut single ‘Brand new chain’ in July 2020. The upcoming rapper has since released a series of singles to mark 2022 starting with February’s dual single ‘2TONES’, which featured the tracks ‘FAMOUS IN A HURRY’ and ‘TRIPPIN’. He then collaborated with 1MILL on the May track ‘RIDE’ before joining GUYGEEGEE on Eskiimo’s August single ‘Talk Sh!t’.

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