Indonesian superhero film ‘Sri Asih’ delayed by more than a month

Written by on 04/10/2022

Pevita Pearce in 'Sri Asih'

Upcoming Indonesian superhero flick Sri Asih has been delayed by more than a month as director Upi seeks to polish the film.

The film will now premiere on November 17, more than a month after the original release date of October 6. Upi shared news of the film’s delay in a statement uploaded to her social media on October 3, writing: “I could have released Sri Asih on the announced date, but the imperfect film would be a betrayal to cast and crew who have given their best to this production, and a betrayal of the trust and friendship that has been shown to me.”

“I’m sorry to bring you this disappointing news. But you [the audience] would also be disappointed if I delivered a film that was not maximised, given how much you’ve been looking forward to it.”

Pengabdi Setan director Joko Anwar, who is credited as one of the writers for Sri Asih, shared Upi’s statement alongside his own comments, writing: “Friends, we’re very sad to bring you this news about Sri Asih. But we have to do this for the sake of our commitment to give you nothing but the best.”

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The second film from the Jagat Sinema Bumilangit or Bumilangit Cinematic Universe following 2019’s Gundala, Sri Aseh sees Pevita Pearce playing the titular superheroine in a story that appears to touch upon the themes of class struggles that were seen in the previous movie. Christine Hakim, Jefri Nichol, Reza Rahadian, Ario Bayu and Zack Lee also star in the movie.

Watch the trailer for Sri Asih below.

The first seven films in the Bumilangit Cinematic Universe are set to adapt the Jawara and Patriot eras of the Bumilangit comics, which have spanned four eras in Legenda, Jawara, Patriot, and Revolusi. The Jawara era itself is set in the 13th-15th century at the peak of the powers of the Nusantara kingdoms.

The superheroine Sri Aseh was created by iconic Indonesian comics writer Raden Ahmad Kosasih in 1954, and is also considered Indonesia’s first superhero.

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