Davidbeatt releases debut Sun Eater single, ‘Temanku Sayang’

Written by on 23/09/2022


Indonesian Youtuber/musician Davidbeatt has released his debut single – a playful rap track titled ‘Temanky Sayang’ – under independent label Sun Eater.

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Released on streaming platforms on September 23, ‘Temanku Sayang’ is an ode to fake friends, with Davidbeatt explaining in a press release: “I think of friendship like gold, it’s something that you should keep and it just keeps on growing in terms of price if you did keep it. But sometimes it ain’t always gold, you can also find fake gold like those chocolate gold coinS that we ate when [we were kids]. Well at least back then, we can always find chocolate inside, now we only find shit.”

Davidbeatt partnered with Jakarta producer Fathan Maulana for the track, with a music video by videographer and Weird Genius collaborator Jafron McCrae in the works. Listen to ‘Temanku Sayang’ below.

Davidbeatt – real name David Wong – made his debut in rapper CVX’s 2019 collaborative track ‘Never Surrender’, which also featured Tuan Tigabelas, Avia Athalia and Kay Oscar. He has since released three solo singles in 2019’s ‘Roof’, 2020’s ‘Kesungguh Bodoh’, and this year’s ‘Perek (Pencuri Korek)’.

Following the release of ‘Never Surrender’, Wong formed a Lonely Island-inspired group alongside Christian Bong & and ‘Dat $tick’ producer Ananta Vinnie called Sunday School Bros. The group released two singles titled ‘I’m a Weeb’ and ‘Oh It Hurts’ before going on hiatus.

Founded in 2019, Sun Eater counts some of Indonesia’s most popular acts like HINDIA, Agatha Priscilla and Lomba Sihir among the artists on its roster. Sun Eater’s .Feast also recently released the “complete edition” of their mini-album ‘Abdi Lara Insani’ earlier this month following the album’s original release in April.

The “complete edition” of ‘Abdi Lara Insani’ includes three new songs: ‘Lagu Kritik Lagi’ (‘Another Critical Song’), the interlude ‘Orang-Orang yang Berubah’ and ‘Jangan Ikut Campur’ (‘Do Not Interfere’).

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