Romantic Echoes releases introspective new single ‘(Aku)’ featuring Fourtwnty’s Ari Lesmana

Written by on 08/04/2022

Romantic Echoes and Ari Lesmana

Indonesian singer-songwriter Romantic Echoes has dropped a new single titled ‘(Aku)’, or ‘(Me)’, featuring Ari Lesmana of indie rock band Fourtwnty.

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Romantic Echoes – real name Jack Alfredo – described the track, which he wrote himself and released today (April 8) on all streaming platforms, as the story of his life.

A statement accompanying the song’s release on YouTube details how Alfredo got Lesmana involved: “This song has been ready since the beginning of J. Alfredo start to work on Romantic Echoes’s 3rd album. He even has already made up his mind to collab with Ari Lesmana. When everything was ready and he actually asks Ari Lesmana to collab, he didn’t get a direct yes but Ari is willing to listen to the demo, so he send the song. Later on, they scheduled for hearing session and workshop.

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“After hearing the song, Ari finally said yes and even has decided which part is his, he really gets excited about this collaboration. This made him happy, Ari is happy as well, then they went for a smoke while laughing and it happened.”

Listen to it here:

Alfredo is no stranger to plumbing his own life for inspiration, telling NME in a 2021 interview that his most recent EP, ‘Gaung Romantis’, was autobiographical. “Honestly, this album is based on my actual life story. What I wrote, I literally felt,” Alfredo explained.

“When I wrote these songs, my main focus was on how to make sure that the audience can see through my perspective as the main character of this story. Of course, I didn’t want the audience to be, like, ‘You’re a guy! Don’t be so weepy like that!’ Instead, I wanted them to be, like, ‘Dude, I completely understand what you’re going through’.”

‘(Aku)’ is the third song Alfredo has released in 2022, following the releases of ‘Misteri’ and ‘Amerta’ earlier this year. Romantic Echoes is expected to release his third album later this year.

In October 2021, Romantic Echoes released the single ‘Alright’ with Pamungkas. The track marked the second collaboration between the two artists following ‘I’m Down’, which was featured on ‘Gaung Romantis’ earlier that year.

Fourtwnty last released the single ‘Kursi Goyang’ in February 2021. It was the group’s first new music in a year, though they have yet to release any other new material since. ‘Kursi Goyang’ was also featured on the soundtrack of the third film in the Filosofi Kopi series, Ben & Jody, which was released in late January 2022.

Ben & Jody also marked the acting debut of Lesmana as Gele, one of the subordinates of the film’s antagonist played by Yayan Ruhian.

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