‘Lewdle’ answer today – what is the solution for April 5?

Written by on 05/04/2022

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Many new word games have come into existence in the wake of the ultra-successful Wordle, offering new variants and twists on the much loved formula. There have been many different versions of the 5-letter word puzzle game, with some requiring bespoke knowledge of everything from music, to TV and film. Others, like Lewdle, are a little bit different, giving players the task of guessing a 5 (or sometimes 6)letter swear word. Pretty much anything is fair game here, and you’ll find the same guessing mechanics as demonstrated in other popular guess-5 games.

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Sometimes Lewdle puzzles can be simple, with your first guess giving you a suite of possible letters to work with. Other times, well, you’ll be seriously stuck, especially with the multiple variations and slang terms eligible as answers. There are good words to start with, sure, but more so than with Wordle, Lewdle requires creativity and experimentation, as you slowly inch closer to the correct foul-mouthed phrasing.

To help you out, we’ve included the answer to today’s Lewdle below. If you don’t want spoilers, there’s even a clue given first, hoping to jog your memory and bring you closer to success. In this guide we’ll offer a clue, and then the answer for today’s Lewdle. Let’s get swearin’.

Lewdle today clue

If you’d like a hint as to today’s Lewdle: Slang term for sex. If you’d just had sex you may have been ‘this word’. Note that today’s Lewdle answer is six-letters long.

Lewdle answer today

The Lewdle answer today is FUCKED. This solution is for April 5. There will be a brand new puzzle to take on tomorrow, so be sure to check back in for more hints.

Previous Lewdle answers

To help you make the most of your guesses, we’ve listed the last week’s worth of old Lewdle answers. Take a look at these before guessing, as there won’t be a word that comes up twice.

  • CRABS (April 4)
  • NOOKIE (April 3)
  • BEAVER (April 2)
  • SCROTE (April 1)
  • TEABAG (March 31)
  • MOPED (March 30)
  • LEWDS (March 29)
  • PEGGED (March 28)
  • Cumrag (March 27
  • HINEY (March 24)
  • PECKER (March 23)
  • ASSES (March 22)
  • PUNANI (March 21)
  • BOINK (March 20)
  • EDGING (March 19)
  • SCREW (March 18)

How to play Lewdle online

To play Lewdle online, just follow these steps:

  • Head to lewdlegame.com
  • You’ll be presented with five or six squares
  • Make a guess using any word that fits
  • Orange squares mean the letter is in the word, just not at that position
  • Green means the correct letter is in the correct place
  • Grey means the letter does not feature in the word

You have six tries to guess the Lewdle word of the day. If you fail to do so, you will be locked out of the puzzle, and will have to wait until the next day.

Now that you know all there is to know about Lewdle, why not check out our guides on the Wordle solution of the day. If music is more your bag, visit our Heardle answer page to learn about the music-themed puzzle game.

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