Dancer injured by video screen collapse at Mirror concert in danger of paralysis

Written by on 01/08/2022

Mirror perform live.

Dancer Mo Lee Kai-yin is reportedly in danger of becoming paralysed from the neck down after he was injured by a video screen collapse at Hong Kong boyband Mirror’s concert last week.

The dancer is reportedly in critical condition after being hit on the head by the falling screen at the concert in the Hong Kong Coliseum on July 28. A medical source told South China Morning Post that the third and fourth sections of Lee’s cervical vertebrae had been dislocated, which left him unable to move his limbs while also sustaining injuries to his head and lungs. Doctors were reportedly able to stabilise his spine, though intubation is required and it is uncertain if his damaged nerves will grow back, which will determine whether he will be paralysed.

Lee has undergone two surgeries but remains in critical condition, according to a report by HK01 today (August 1).

Mirror have yet to release a statement regarding the incident, which also saw three fans being treated for shock upon witnessing the accident unfold.

Concert promoter MakerVille’s chief executive Lo Ting-fai was reported to have bowed and apologised to Lee and fellow dancer Chang Tsz-fung, who was also injured in the collapse, when visiting them at the hospital on July 29. The executive reported that Lee was conscious at the time of his visit and was able to communicate.

It has been reported that MakerVille will face a full investigation for possible breach of health and safety regulations. Hong Kong’s Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism Kevin Yeung Yun-hung told reporters after an inter-bureau meeting earlier on August 1 that while he understood the clamouring for answers from the public, the government needs to gather “factual basis and science” and various ministries will share their conclusions with the public.

Yeung also told reporters on July 29 that preliminary investigations revealed that the incident was caused by a snapped wire, according to South China Morning Post. “The safety of the stage is very important. It is very important to performers,” he said, adding that other acts would be approached to reexamine the risks associated with their performances as the probe, which is expected to last several weeks, continues.

Yeung did not reveal the identity of the contractor involved in the setting up of the collapsed screen. Reporting from HK01 has since also claimed the faulty screen was not appropriately tested during rehearsals, with a staff member at the concert telling the outlet that despite plans for the screen to be “raised up and rotating”, rehearsals did not test all the screen’s positions.

An online petition was set up on calling for the safety of Mirror during their concerts in the wake of the incident. The petition’s description claims that “it was revealed that not only was the rehearsal time insufficient, but the safety of various agencies was also questioned, and the safety of the performers was not safe.”

At the time of writing, the petition has gained 14,512 signatures.

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