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Dude Gets Rocked With A KO & Starts Leaking. Posted By Persist
An oubliette/dungeon is a room which is accessible only from a hatch or hole in a high ceiling. Victims in oubliettes were often left to starve and dehydrate to death. Posted By Persist
Easy Work: Dude Beats The Breaks Off This Man. Posted By Persist
Thief In Ecuador Gets Taped To A Pole. Posted By Persist
Police Officer Shoots Car Theft Suspect Reaching For A Gun. Posted By Persist
@sauce_walka102 Cops A $500k Chain From Johnny Dang. Posted By Persist
Posted by Abdul

K-pop boyband THE BOYZ have released ticketing details for their upcoming Singapore concert. READ MORE: Upcoming K-pop concerts, tours and music festivals in Asia: BTS’ Suga, BLACKPINK, IVE and more THE BOYZ’s forthcoming concert in Singapore on Thursday July 20 at 7pm local time will take place at The Star Theatre. It’s part of their ongoing […]

Moviedle has risen as a popular quiz game in the wake of the absolute behemoth that is Wordle. It borrows the basic principles, but adds a uniquely filmic twist. You see, instead of guessing a word, you’re trying to name a movie. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, there’s quite an important wrinkle to consider. READ […]

Globle is yet another variant on everyone’s favourite word game. The similarities are brief, with Globle offering a geography-based puzzle, with a new solution to take on each day. Those who wish to play need only start by guessing any country. The game will then tell you how close you’ve gotten, allowing you to narrow […]

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