Singaporean singer DEON drops sophomore EP ‘Melancholic Pop’

Written by on 22/03/2022

DEON melancholic pop

Singaporean singer-songwriter DEON has released his sophomore EP, ‘Melancholic Pop’.

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The five-track EP carries the focus single ‘Why Do I Fool Myself’ and the fresh track ‘Chalice’. It also includes a handful of previously released songs, such as the solo track ‘Breathe In’, as well as his collaborations with Don Aaron on ‘Don’t Bother’ and NyaLi on ‘Melancholic Weekends’.

The record arrived on March 18 and is available through all major streaming platforms. Prevalent with themes of grief, death and regrets, the songs from ‘Melancholic Pop’ are inspired by the events that haunted the artist in the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a press statement, DEON spoke about how the EP started off as a project to showcase a livelier sound, before slowing transforming as time went on. “In my head, I wanted to craft a collection of songs that were geared towards more commonplace pop characteristics, He said.

“What started as a casual and fun project took a more serious tone and darker turn when these events started happening all at once,” DEON added. “What you hear is really a projection of my state of mind in the past few years.”

In 2020, DEON released his debut EP ‘Prologue; Eulogia’, composed of six tracks. It includes acoustic renditions of his previous songs like ‘Moving In Silence’ and ‘Fix’.

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