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Newly Discovered Species Of Spikey Crab Found In The Depths Of The Carribean Sea!

Written by on 24/04/2023

Neolithodes is a genus of king crabs, in the family Lithodidae. They are found in all major oceans, both in high and low latitudes. Although there are records from water as shallow as 124 m (407 ft) in cold regions, most records are much deeper, typically 700–2,000 m (2,300–6,600 ft), with the deepest confirmed at 5,238 m (17,185 ft). They are fairly large to large crabs that typically are reddish in color and spiny, although the size of these spines varies depending on species (from long in species like N. grimaldii to very short in species like N. flindersi, and tending to be more pronounced in small than in large individuals). Posted by PSmooth

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