Tzusing releases first new music since 2019 with the single ‘孝忍狠 (Filial Endure Ruthless)’

Written by on 03/02/2023


Malaysian-born, Shanghai-based electronic artist Tzusing has released his first new music since 2019 with the single ‘孝忍狠 (Filial Endure Ruthless)’.

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The single was uploaded onto streaming platforms on February 2 as the first track to be released from his upcoming album ‘绿帽 GREEN HAT’, which itself is due on March 31 via record label PAN. In a statement shared with RA, Tzusing has revealed that the album will feature 12 tracks that revolve around the concept of masculinity, with the purely instrumental first single presenting a dark sound that is as menacing and ominous as its title.

Listen to Tzusing’s new single ‘孝忍狠 (Filial Endure Ruthless)’ below.

First making a name for himself as a DJ in Chicago in 2002, Tzusing would eventually move to Shanghai, where he contributed the track ‘Teeth’ on Clan Destine Records’ ‘Dark Acid III’ EP in 2013. The track would gain the attention of Ron Morelli of label Long Island Electrical Systems, leading to Tzusing signing with the label and releasing his ‘A Name Out of Place’ trilogy of EPs annually from 2014 to 2016.

Tzusing would go on to release his debut LP ‘Dongfang Bubai’ in May 2017, followed by the EP ‘In A Moment A Thousand Hits’ later that year in October. He last released new music in the form of 2019’s ‘Split’, a four-track, vinyl-only split EP with fellow PAN producer M.E.S.H. that was released as a five-part series from the label.

He also released a remix album titled ‘Next Life’ in 2021. ‘Next Life’ notably features a remix of Tzusing’s 2017 track ‘Esther’ by Björk collaborators Gabber Modus Operandi.

The tracklist for Tzusing’s ‘绿帽 GREEN HAT’ is: 

1. Introduction
2. 趁⼈之危 (Take Advantage)
3. 偶像包袱 (Idol Baggage)
4. Muscular Theology
5. 孝忍狠 (Filial Endure Ruthless)
6. Balkanize
7. Interlude
8. Clout Tunnel Feat. Suda
9. Exascale
10. Gait
11. 戴綠帽 (Wear Green Hat)
12. Residual Stress

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