Listen to cult Taiwanese indie poppers The Shine&Shine&Shine&Shine’s first album in 11 years, ‘Shiori’

Written by on 20/10/2022

Cult Taiwanese indie pop band The Shine&Shine&Shine&Shine have returned with their second album ‘Shiori’, the band’s first output in 11 years.

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‘Shiori’ follows their 2009 record ‘Meet Me When You Are 25’. Consisting of 11 tracks, the album stylistically continues their signature style of driving, synth-laden rock, taking cues from twee pop and Japanese shibuya-kei aesthetics. Other tracks like ‘Lullaby’, on the other hand, sees the band moving into other palettes, including saxophone-laden neo-soul.

“After many years, with the passage of time, unexpected reunions and the joining of new members, this album has become extraordinarily meaningful to us,” the band shared on social media about the record. “When the restless melancholy of our depressed youth becomes a sweet ache tinged with nostalgia – it becomes hope for courage and determination to continue on.”

Listen to ‘Shiori’ here:

The Shine&Shine&Shine&Shine first formed in 2005. Beyond their 2009 full-length, the band put out two EPs – 2008’s ‘四月物語 (April Tale)’ and 2011’s ‘EP 2011’ – before gently disbanding over the past decade.

The Shine&Shine&Shine&Shine reformed for a series of performances in 2021 starting at Taichung’s Emerge Festival, before conducting a fundraising campaign upon the announcement of ‘Shiori’ earlier in August. The band’s current members have been involved in a slew of notable bands in Taiwan’s independent scene, including veteran indie rockers The Tic Tac, folk-rock quartet Heat Sketch, and dance-rock act P!SCO.

The Taiwanese band previously performed in Singapore for 2008’s edition of Baybeats festival. That edition of the festival featured a line-up that included Hong Kong indie-pop institution My Little Airport, the Philippines’ Faspitch, and American synthpop act Joy Electric.

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