C Burn – Far Away

Written by on 17/10/2022

C Burn’s much-awaited release – ‘Far Away’, is out alongside an animated lyric video to
sing along to. Though still yet to announce his next project, there has been no shortage of
brilliant singles from the US-based rapper who unveiled two songs: ‘Only You’ and ‘Uncle
Buzee’ about two months ago.
Today, he tops up with his third – ‘Far Away’, switching to themes of heartbreak on his
much-awaited Afrobeat single. In contrast to his previous releases, ‘Far Away’ features a
less familiar C Burn – a more resentful version – who can’t help but express some hard
feelings right from the song’s opening: “I no go waste time with you. You think say I
mumu/You do me juju, now my eye dun clear”. But that’s not to say the song is unpleasant
in any way. It’s vibe-worthy! The cold feelings shared are relatable and wrapped up in the
sweet, tender vocals of an anonymous vocalist.
In a statement about his new song, C Burn shared: “As you listen to the song or watch its
lyric video, I want you to let go and let your imagination run wild. Think of a scene, a time
and a place in your life when you finally decided to let go of something or someone that
was holding you back in life. Happiness is free, always remember that!”.
‘Far Away’ is proof that C Burn will continue releasing tasteful music. Enjoy!

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