Jean Feier – Lay It Down (Freeze)

Written by on 10/10/2022

After 4 nominations across 3 continents, Jean Feier returns with more fresh sounds and an original alternative African vibe. Early listeners who are familiar with her Lo-fi sound and eclectic writing from Soundcloud, will be pleasantly surprised by how even on anAmapiano sounding record, her DNA shines through. Lay Down is a fusion of Alte and Amapiano.
The tempo is mellowed out by clear piano keys, violins, and poignant writing. The mood is given “a translucent place where heartbreak meets self-affirmation” The song tells the story of loving the best version of someone but having to accept that the romance is short-lived.
I wrote this song at the end of a very meaningful relationship. Hewas the sweetest person but his affections for me becameunclear. I started suspecting all types of things and startedwithdrawing emotionally. Even started resenting him for whatwas in my eyes, neglecting our bond. It also made me think about how I always give my “all” to people but I have never foundthe one whose “all” could cover me. Thank God for the power ofChrist. I hope this song liberates you from any bondage you youmight still be making excuses for. Even if its just for the durationof this song. Love, Jean.
The beat was made by South African producer Silas Beat, with additional production by Jean Feier. A snippet of the song first appeared on an Instagram post last year in August and will be available everywhere from the 8th of September.
Listen to ‘Lay It Down (Freeze)’ below.

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