‘Little Women’ producers respond after K-drama is removed from Netflix in Vietnam

Written by on 07/10/2022

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Studio Dragon, the production company behind the South Korean remake of Little Women, has released a statement following the series’ removal from Netflix in Vietnam over alleged distortions of the Vietnam War.

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On October 6, the Vietnam government reportedly requested its removal from the platform in the country. According to Sports Joseon, Little Women was then removed from Netflix Vietnam.

According to Vietnamese newspaper Truoi Tre, per Bloomberg, it was determined that Little Women broke Clause 4, Article 9 of the Vietnamese Press Law, which prohibits the broadcast of information that may incite war, infringe upon Vietnam’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, distort history, deny revolutionary achievements or insult the nation.

On October 7, a day after that report, Studio Dragon issued an official statement addressing its alleged misrepresentation of history in the series. “We are addressing the concerns regarding a portion of the [story] set-up covered in Little Women,” it said, per Soompi. “We will place more caution in societal and cultural sensitivity issues in future content production.”

Little Women includes several characters who had fought in the Vietnam War as part of the 320,000 Korean troops deployed in support of the US. Throughout the series, other characters frequently refer to a wealthy elderly veteran as a hero for having performed “distinguished military services” while deployed in Vietnam.

In another recent episode, another veteran character bragged that “the kill-to-death ratio for Korean troops was 20:1. That’s 20 Viet Cong killed for one Korean soldier dead”.

Little Women is loosely based on the Louisa May Alcott novel of the same name, and revolves around a trio of sisters born into poverty as they become embroiled in a dangerous battle against the nation’s wealthiest family over a large sum of missing slush funds.

The last two episodes of the series premiere this weekend.

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