Black Sherif Discusses The Idea behind “The Villain I Never Was” on Apple 1 Music.

Written by on 06/10/2022

Dadaboy Ehiz is joined by Ghanaian Afro-fusion musician Black Sherif via FaceTime on Apple Music 1 to discuss his most recent song, “45.” He also talks about the theme of his latest album, “The Villain I Never Was,” and how he utilizes music as a refuge for reflection and narrative of the self. Black Sherif on his introspective debut project First thing I’ll say, [the energy] is 100…  but I was more introspective on this album. I went deeper, I talked about my perspectives on love and things, my experiences. I talked about my external battles, my internal ones, how I cope and how I’m doing. Black Sherif on ‘The Villain I Never Was’ title We as individuals are all connected in some way, and some way somehow we are all fighting different battles – internal, external – and with me everything I’ve learned or say are more like experiences, things I’ve seen or things I’ve seen people go through. With my life, I feel like sh*t bro. I feel like I’m fighting myself, and I’m a human, I need to feel like that sometimes. It shouldn’t always be up up. All of the times I’m the villain – in my story, in people’s story – everywhere I’m the villain, but when I sit and think about it I know “Nah bro, I don’t just wake up to be a villain.” I’m fighting for my life, I’m trying to make sense, I’m trying to be a better person so I really wasn’t the villain that people paint me to be or that myself is telling me. I’m not the villain. Black Sherif on avoiding album collabs I really needed to know myself and explore everything in me before I can start sharing out for people to help me tell my story. Music for me has always been very personal, like a safe haven for me to talk my insecurities, things I can’t say outside, so to get someone on a record with me, I just feel like they can’t help me tell my story. That’s why I went real solo on the album – you know the “Second Sermon (Remix)” with Burna was the only feature on this album. I want people to know my perspectives on life, to actually brief them on what I know, what I’ve seen, what I believe in and how I’m doing. But soon, collaborations are gonna come, trust me.The post Black Sherif Discusses The Idea behind “The Villain I Never Was” on Apple 1 Music. appeared first on

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