Youthful Rendition of Love By East Javanese Band Drizzly

Written by on 03/10/2022

The newest single from Drizzly an all-female band formation. Love at first sight journey that spirals into suffering.

It should be East Javanese’s birthright to have the best talents of all-female bands, considering that their predecessors like Dara Puspita in the 60s and 70s had made achievements in their homeland and abroad.

Heading towards a similarly creative direction such as the Dara Puspita, it is possible that a band from Sidoarjo could equally achieve great things.

Drizzly is a quartet made up of musician sisters with the names: Amanda, Della, Moza and Faye. And each plays their respective role in making this band complete. Very much a band formed out of friendship, Drizzly is put together by some of the Sidoarjo and Surabaya’s live scene professionals Roping in names such as Sholehuddin (Bilik Lestari), Rizqo (Loverman Recs, Brunobauer), Didi Sarkodi (Paska Records) and Akbar Ramadan (December).

Their latest music single release is titled If We Know Each Other Well Enough, Maybe We Can Go On A Date?. It describes the beginning of what love desires. In its innocence and youth, a name was all you needed for the next detail of the desired persona.

Its storyline follows the previous release of Bitter To See You, a single that describes a young love’s anger and sadness after the breakdown of a relationship based on love at first sight. Something we have all gone through, or should go through in our 20s.

[Drizzly’s single cover is created by Reyhan Rahendra]

Collaborators with Drizzly

The songwriting, especially the writing of lyrics, is a detailed collaboration between Amanda and Thomas Glaop. With melodies inspired by British pop band, Heavenly.

The song also featured vocals from Raka Pradana from the band YFLW (Yellow Flower Living Water).

Audio recording is done at the Artefakt Records studio, produced by Ando Loekito. Ando is a member of the post-punk band Cotswolds.

The guitar recording session was played by Rizal aka Nemos from The Carolines.

The kawaii cover artwork is created by Reyhan Rahendra, a member of the Kota Batu band, GRAY.

The single “If We Know Each Other Well Enough, Maybe We Can Go On A Date?” was released in August 2022. Listen to it here.

Record Index:

Released date: August 22, 2022
Producer: Ando Loekito
Mixing & Mastering: Ando Loekito
Music: Drizzly
Lyric: Amanda & Thomas Glaop
Title: Eureka (The Carolines)
Recording studio: Artefact Records
Artwork: Reyhan Rahendra (Grey)

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