‘Twenty Five Twenty One’ star Kim Tae-ri is a gun-toting Goryeo warrior in new ‘Alienoid’ trailer

Written by on 12/07/2022

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Upcoming South Korean sci-fi film Alienoid has unveiled an intriguing new trailer.

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Starring Twenty Five Twenty One’s Kim Tae-ri, Ryu Jun-yeol (Lost, Reply 1988) and industry veteran Kim Woo-bin, Alienoid is a two-part film detailing the events that occur after a time portal opens up between the Goryeo Dynasty and present-day Korea amid a wild chase to capture an alien.

“For a long time, aliens have locked up their prisoners in various time periods,” says Kim Tae-ri, who plays Lee Ahn, a Goryeo-era woman who is able to shoot lightning. The trailer goes on to feature the disasters that occur when aliens meet humans in both the past and present.

Later, Guard (Kim Woo-bin) is seen grasping a glowing knife. Said to be able to awaken aliens and facilitate time travel, the knife appears to be the key to the story. Back in 1391, Lee Ahn and Taoist swordsman Mureuk (played by Ryu) also begin their search for the knife. The past and present collide, with modern-day vehicles and weapons appearing in Goryeo as the cast chase down an escaped alien prisoner.

The first part of Alienoid is set to hit South Korean cinemas on July 20. The film is written and directed by Choi Dong-hoon, who is known for the films Assassination (2015) and The Thieves (2012), among others.

In an interview with The Korea Times, Choi revealed that part one of the film focuses on characters from the present-day era, who travel back in time to Goryeo, while the second half will follow the group of previously introduced ancient Taoists as they travel through time and space in search of a divine sword.

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