OH MY GIRL say they don’t “dwell” on how their music performs commercially

Written by on 29/03/2022

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K-pop girl group OH MY GIRL have spoken about their new approach to music following their breakout success with 2020’s ‘Nonstop’.

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Yesterday (March 28), the seven-member act unveiled their sophomore studio album ‘Real Love’ along with a charming music video for its lead single of the same name. At a press conference for the release, OH MY GIRL opened up about their experience preparing for the record.

Prior to ‘Real Love’, the girl group had steadily released a string of hits since the success of their 2020 breakout hit ‘Nonstop’, including the non-single track ‘Dolphin’ and last May’s ‘Dun Dun Dance’. Leader Hyojung shared that the group now no longer focus on how their music performs commercially.

“Among the members, we find it important to talk a lot about how enjoyable the [preparation] process was and how much we understand the album,” she said, as translated by Soompi. “Since we’re a group that has steadily grown since our debut, rather than dwell on results, it’s more like, ‘Let’s do it again,’ ‘Let’s show them our song.’ We will work hard and take even more responsibility.”

Rapper Mimi then added that while “there’s always a desire for [positive] results” but noted that there is “no pressure at all” to actually do so. “Especially this time, I realised that you can’t prioritise results whenever you do something,” she added.

In an previous interview with NME, rookie girl group bugAboo voiced their admiration for OH MY GIRL. “Each of us have our own role models and inspirations. As a group, though, we really look up to OH MY GIRL,” said bugAboo leader Choyeon.

“They perform so naturally, and produce such good synergy as a team,” she added. “Just like how OH MY GIRL inspire us, we want to become somebody else’s role model someday, and inspire them to reach for their dreams.”

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