BIGO LIVE Is Reporting Massive Growth In Streaming 2022

Written by on 26/01/2022

….and it is way larger than you think. Steep in controversy, this live streaming platform continues to be popular platform bringing communities together.

BIGO LIVE, a global leader in live streaming and creator economy, recently launched its server on Discord, the talk, text, and video communications service. And have recently celebrated its successful first 100 days on Discord.

Established BIGO content creators, bubbling influencers and fans will now have more networking opportunities on the popular messaging board platform.

Adding to this working relationship and to celebrate the first 100 days of connecting the two communities, a variety of BIGO creators have been hosting on-demand AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions across both platforms.

These sessions have allowed creators to share the crafts of their trade, professional tips, and insight into their successes as influential creators on BIGO. Some featured AMAs that have taken place to date include:

Guitargod is one of the most tried and true hosts streaming on BIGO LIVE today. When he’s not channeling his inner Jimmy Hendrix playing everyone’s favorite songs and riffs on guitar, you’ll likely find him discussing with fans what it’s like streaming on BIGO, his amazing setup and music culture.

[BIGO belongs to JOYY (YY), a streaming company that operates mostly in the Asia-Pacific region, with the People’s Republic of China being its largest consumer base.]

Princess Audrey has been a premier host for BIGO LIVE in all things fashion, lifestyle and gaming. Audrey consistently brings a bright and exciting stream to her fans with amazing gameplay, fun commentary and gaming culture commentary.

Kitty has been on BIGO LIVE for over three years and it’s completely changed her life. She normally streams lifestyle content, talking about fashion and her passion for figure skating. You can also catch her singing and competing in the BIGO Voice competition!

In 2021, Bigo Live has helped over 500 broadcasters achieve over 1 million followers each, and it ranks top 2 according to App Annie’s 2021 Top Breakout Social Apps by consumer spending, living proof of this robust creator economy.

BIGO LIVE has around 400 million users in over 150 countries and is currently the market leader in the live streaming industry. Launched in March 2016, BIGO LIVE is owned by BIGO Technology, which is based in Singapore. As of 2019, BIGO Technology is owned by JOYY, a Chinese company listed on the NASDAQ.

It hosted its third annual BIGO Awards Gala on Jan 14 to celebrate its most exceptional broadcasters from around the world. The gala took place on Bigo Live’s Music Livehouse Channel (Bigo ID: music). Amy and Iwapoyo from Japan and Vanruby from Vietnam held the top spots in the 2021 ranking of Top Global Broadcasters. Additionally, Japanese family BigWin was honoured as the Top Global Family on Bigo Live.

[BIGO Live Awards Gala 2022 in the Philippines: Awarded Ian Red, Jean Drillon and Emps Albano]

The theme of this year’s Awards Gala 2022 was “Better Live, Better Future”, which is about empowering people to explore an infinite number of possibilities on its platform. This event also showcased BIGO’s foray into future-facing technologies such as computer vision, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and more.

BIGO Live Thailand, in December 2021, hosted their first live virtual Gala Awards ceremony to celebrate the achievements of their top livestream broadcasters. Thailand’s favourite host celebrity, TopTap – Napat Chokejindachai, was the presenter for the event. The event saw the medley performance of Christmas numbers by BABE Agency, Kit Kittichai, and Mint Woraphonphat.

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