Lincoln Lim pays tribute to one of Singapore’s oldest estates in ‘home.’ music video

Written by on 19/01/2022

Lincoln Lim pays tribute to one of Singapore’s oldest states in ‘home.’

Singaporean singer-songwriter Lincoln Lim has released a video for upcoming single, ‘home.’, that pays tribute to one of the country’s oldest estates.

The song was released on Monday (January 17) as part of a multidisciplinary project by Lim named Home. Tanglin Halt. ‘home.’ is previewed as a music video before it officially debuts on streaming platforms this Friday (January 21).

‘home.’ is a spirited folk-rock track that serves as a tribute to Tanglin Halt, one of Singapore’s oldest housing estates. Lim dips into the nostalgia and history of the estate, while taking note of its precarious position in modern Singapore: Tanglin Halt is slated for redevelopment, with many buildings – including flats, commercial buildings and markets – to be demolished over the next two years.

All my friends have lost their names / Forgotten words for progress’ sake / Buildings are getting higher and higher / Losing sight of where we started from / I guess we’re moving on,” he sings in a verse.

The song’s coda sees Lim’s band shift towards a plaintive mood, with Lim singing: “So tell me I’m wrong / Tell me the pride outweighs the fall / Tell me it’s good / Show me my pain’s misunderstood.”

Its music video, directed by Jeremy Hu, lovingly captures the neighbourhoods of Tanglin Halt and its residents. Watch it here:

‘home.’ is one of several chapters of Home. Tanglin Halt, a project involving 10 multidisciplinary artists including Lim.

“Singapore is a country built upon a tenuous balance – progress and preservation the nation’s yin and yang,” Lim writes in a statement on the project’s official website. “Because while we search for that ever-elusive ‘better’, I think there’s a part of us that wants to hit pause – and nothing expresses that more than Tanglin Halt.”

Lim notes that the estate was a place he “grew up around”, and he found himself returning to it “again and again” before its upcoming process of redevelopment.

“In short, this project is a celebration, a reminder to appreciate the places that matter and to keep them relevant,” he continued. “So, to the Tanglin Halts for all of us, to the hometown haunts and childhood hangouts, this is for you.”

‘home.’ also marks the first single by Lincoln Lim since 2020’s ‘(Feel Like) Dancing Alone’,  a collaboration with fellow Singaporean singer-songwriter Houg.

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