Indonesian metal band Down For Life share heavy new single, ‘Children Of Eden’

Written by on 19/01/2022

Down For Life

Indonesian metalcore outfit Down For Life have shared a new single entitled ‘Children Of Eden’.

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Released Saturday (January 15), ‘Children Of Eden’ combines elements of death metal and metalcore through tremolo-picked guitar riffs, pummeling drums and vocalist Stephanus Adjie’s low guttural vocals, with additional vocals from Mattheus Aditirtono and Marangkup Tua Hutahuruk.

Watch the CGI music video for ‘Children Of Eden’ below.

The music video features scenes of old castles and the garden of Eden, generated by computer graphics from animators Reka Niko, Jahlo Gomes and Ardha Lepa.

Per an Instagram post from Down For Life, ‘Children Of Eden’ is dedicated to children with disabilities around the world and serves as the first taste of their forthcoming fourth studio album via Blackandje Records. A release date for the album has yet to be announced.

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Per a Pop Hari Ini report, the band also drew inspiration from vocalist Stephanus Adjie’s nephew, a child with disabilities who “wants to receive the same treatment as other people and as humans according to their respective capacities”.

A description from the ‘Children Of Eden’ music video also notes that the band will be donating proceeds from the sale of Down For Life’s merchandise to a special needs organisation, although further details have yet to be confirmed.

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The special merchandise designed to raise funds for children with disabilities is a collaboration between Blackandje Records, Belukar League and Rown Division. Merchandise can be purchased here.

Down For Life last released music in the form of 2020 singles ‘Apokaliptika’ and ‘Mantra Bentala’. Their last studio album was 2017’s ‘Menantang Langit’.

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