Xbox head Phil Spencer responds to Sony’s rumoured Game Pass rival

Written by on 18/01/2022

Xbox boss Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer has responded to rumours of Sony launching an Xbox Game Pass rival for the PlayStation, sharing that he thinks it’s “the right answer”.

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Speaking to IGN, Phil Spencer has addressed rumours that Sony is planning a subscription service to rival the Xbox Game Pass.

Discussing the rumours, Spencer said that “the right answer is allowing your customers to play the games they wanna play, where they wanna play them, and giving them choice about how they build their library, and being transparent with them about what our plans are in terms of our PC initiatives and our cross-gen initiatives and other things.”

“So when I hear others doing things like Game Pass or coming to PC, it makes sense to me because I think that’s the right answer,” added Spencer.

That being said, Spencer clarified that he doesn’t “really look at it as validation” and instead viewed the competition as an “inevitability”.

Xbox Game Pass
Xbox Game Pass. Credit: Microsoft

“I like it because it feeds our energy on what are the next things that we should be working on as we continue to build out the things that we’ve done in the past. Because I think the right answer is to ship great games, ship them on PC, ship them on console, ship them on cloud, make them available Day one in the subscription. And I expect that’s what our competitor will do,” Spencer continued.

Sony’s rumoured Xbox Game Pass competitor is said to be codenamed Spartacus, and could launch in spring 2022.

In other news, the creator of a five-year-old Wordle app has donated his unexpected profit to charity, after users were mistaking his game for the free viral browser game of the same name. Creator Steven Cravotta said that he wanted to turn the case of mistaken identity into “something amazing”.

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