Burgerkill share surprise virtual concert to mark “a new beginning” after death of guitarist Eben and exit of Vicky Mono

Written by on 10/01/2022

Burgerkill, 2022 lineup

After a tumultuous 2021 that saw the death of founding guitarist Eben and the exit of their longtime vocalist Vicky Mono, Indonesian metal veterans Burgerkill have performed and shared an entire virtual concert to mark “a new beginning” for the band.

The 24-minute showcase, titled ‘After The Storm’, was uploaded onto the band’s official YouTube page on Saturday (January 8). It marks the first show that the band have played with its new lineup since the death of their guitarist Aries ‘Eben’ Tanto in September last year.

‘After The Storm’ sees the four-piece – consisting of new vocalist Ronald Alexander Radja Haba, guitarist Agung Hellfrog, bassist Ramdan and drummer Putra Pra Ramadhan – performing fan-favourite songs like ‘Undefeated’, ‘Shadow Of Sorrow’ and more. They also performed their latest single, ‘Roar Of Chaos’.

Burgerkill have notably not found a replacement guitarist to fill Eben’s shoes. Watch the ‘After The Storm’ performance below.

‘After The Storm’ serves as a stepping stone for Burgerkill to move forward as a band after a period of tumult.

“After going through the hardest time and the lowest point of our journey, we see this showcase as our first monumental stone that signals our attempt to reignite our engines and carry on with our journey. We understand that it is not easy to start over,” the band wrote in a statement in the show’s YouTube description.

“Particularly, when it comes to responding to everyone’s expectations of us, all we can do is play our music as best as we can. Also, to respond to challenges within ourselves: whether our individual desires as Burgerkill are as strong as adamantine chains. Hopefully this showcase is, once again, a new beginning after the storm.”

In mid-December, Burgerkill shared their first new material without Eben in the form of the track ‘Roar Of Chaos’, featuring new vocalist Ronald Alexander Radja Haba. The vocalist, who also sings in Carnivored, replaces Burgerkill’s last frontman Vicky Mono, whose departure from the band became public in August.

That same day, Burgerkill were announced as a new addition to the upcoming Wacken Open Air festival, which will take place August 4-6, 2022. The band will be playing at the German festival alongside fellow Indonesian band Voice of Baceprot.

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