Festive stealther ‘Ho-Ho-Home Invasion’ adds “thiccer Santa” and new levels

Written by on 23/12/2021

Ho-Ho-Home Invasion

Ho-Ho-Home Invasion has released its Regifted update just in time for Christmas, introducing more levels, leaderboards, and “a newer, thiccer Santa model”.

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Developer Whitepot Studios has now released a Regifted update for Ho-Ho-Home Invasion, a game where players control Santa Claus as he trains his stealth skills to prepare for the real thing: a Christmas spent breaking into family homes to leave gifts.

“If you’ve spent a whole year ho-ho-hoping that this update would finally arrive, then today is your lucky day! Santa has spent the past 12 months working long hours preparing for yet another socially distanced Christmas. He’s boosted, he’s vaxxed, and he’s ready to invade your home,” reads the newly-updated Steam page for Ho-Ho-Home Invasion.

A trailer for the Regifted update was shared yesterday (December 21), which can be watched below.

The Regifted update adds two “lovingly crafted levels” which Whitepot Studios notes is its “biggest yet”. There’s also a “shiny new robot family” that players need to avoid, which may prove to be a challenge as they’re described as being “aggressively festive”.

Beyond that, a new leaderboards feature will allow players to record and share their personal bests in delivering presents to unsuspecting households. There’s also “a newer, thiccer Santa model” and “a whole host of other improvements and undoubtedly new bugs” for fans to discover with the Regifted update.

Ho-Ho-Home invasion is free on Steam and itch.io, however fans can choose to pay what they like if they would like to support the developer.

In other news, Escape From Tarkov has added a recipe to craft gas analysers in the hideout. Gas analysers have been notoriously scarce throughout the latest wipe, which has been blocking progress for many players as they’re needed for multiple Therapist missions.

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